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Friday, December 3, 2010

Beautiful Heart Award drpd Mata Hati

Beautiful Heart Award
This award to all of the bloggers who put their hearts, mind and soul into their blogs and give us a glimpse into their worlds. They are positive and may not realize it, but are leading by example. They inspire with their words, educate and inform. They entertain and uplift with their humor. They are welcoming, helpful and friendly and no one is a stranger, whether you've commented once or a million times. They are ever so wise and giving. Most of all, they have Beautiful Hearts

Terima kasih kerana menjemput akak mengambil award ni di blog Mata Hati (baru teringat ada award yg perlu ku ambil..).. Tahniah juga kerana blog Mata Hati telah meraikan ulangtahun ke -2 nya pada 30 Nov 2010 lalu. Moga terus aktif berblog dan memberi inspirasi dan motivasi kepada rakan-rakan blogger lain seperti akak...

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